On August 31, Roderick Benns of Leaders and Legacies wrote an editorial in the The Record. In his editorial Benns expressed “a basic income would cover the rest of Canadians who are currently left out and top up people’s incomes to a set amount — say $18,000 per year — to stay above the poverty line. It should be an amount that is not enough for the “good life,” but one that would replace a broken, ineffective and demoralizing welfare system that has been inadequate for too many years.” You can read the full editorial here.

On September 5, BIWR member Carol Stalker wrote a response supporting Benns article and stating that “research has demonstrated poverty and social exclusion (among other social conditions) are significant determinants of poor health and shorter life spans. One way we can reduce future costs to our health-care system is to ensure that everyone has enough money to stay above the poverty line — a goal our current welfare system fails to achieve.” You can read Carol’s letter-to-the-editor here.