On Wednesday, June 15 twenty people gathered at Queen Street Commons Café for a discussion on the role of municipal government in the basic income movement. Here is a synopsis of our discussion.

To begin, here is a brief timeline of current events:

mun bi timeline

At the discussion night BIWR posed the question:

“What are people’s thoughts on what is or should be the role of municipal government in promoting awareness and support for the implementation of basic income?”

The following chart highlights the ideas that were discussed.

mun gov bi

During the discussion the following limitations of the role that local government can have were also identified.

mun gov limits

Throughout the discussion some unanswerable questions emerged. First, what would the municipal government be allowed to do under basic income? Second, is there a role for municipal government or local politicians in awareness raising?

The question on awareness raising led us into an interesting discussion of how BIWR can work with the regional government to raise awareness and gain support for basic income. It was suggested that BIWR work to engage local businesses.

Thank you to everyone who came out to our discussion night! We look forward to talking with you again at the next BIWR event.