It was a big day for BIWR yesterday. John Green from BIWR was on CBC KW 89.1 in the morning talking about basic income.

Green said a guaranteed minimum income would mean people “would have a stable, reliable income that they could live on, be healthy, live in dignity, participate in their communities … picture families not being so stressed about losing their housing, picture children going to school with food in their stomachs instead of hungry, picture teenagers staying in high school long enough to graduate.”  (CBC KW)

Next Andrea from BIWR spoke at the Region of Waterloo’s Community Services Committee. The committee was discussing a regional staff report on basic income which recommends:

“That the Regional Municipality of Waterloo support the stated intention of the Province to collaborate with stakeholders to develop, implement and evaluate a Basic Income Guarantee pilot project and that such support be in the form of a Council Resolution.”

The motion passed at the committee level and regional council will vote on the resolution on June 22nd!

Check out the CBC article on the staff report and John’s interview.